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Should I Be Embarrassed About Loving BBW?

Should I Be Embarrassed About Loving BBW?

Are you one of the men who love BBW? There is something special about the BBW woman. She feels happy and confident no matter her size. She can make the most of her appearance with attractive outfits, fresh makeup, and beautifully styled hair. It can’t even be assumed that everyone wants to be thin, as that’s often associated with having a bad illness nowadays.

If you’re one of the men who love BBW and is trying a BBW dating site, you should never feel embarrassed.

1. Millions of men do. Millions of men love BBWs, just like you. Thinking that men only prefer fake women like on TV shows or in movies is also an outdated attitude. Most men know that those women have spent four hours in the makeup chair preparing for their roles, along with six hours o work at the gym. That’s what they’re paid to do. The average woman in real life is super busy and doesn’t care what you think.

2. BBWs are healthier. Old attitudes are changing. Usually, a thin woman is considered anorexic and may have serious health conditions. Not only that, but she’s not a fun date to be. Nowadays, most doctors are happy when people are a bit overweight, as long as they are happy and healthy.

3. More fun dates. When you find dates on a plus size dating site, it can mean that your date loves to cook or bake. One of the things men love most is eating. Or, you can both go out and try some of the best restaurants and fast food places in your city. You won’t have to worry about your date eating just a salad, or puking up her dinner afterward in the bathroom, as she appreciates food just as much as you do.

4. Everyone’s the same. If you’ve decided to try BBW dating and have signed up for a BBW dating website, then the first thing you’ll discover is that everyone is the same. Everyone wants the same things. Everyone wants to hang out with people that they love and admire.

5. Find new friends. If your friends are resistant about you wanting to try BBW dating or even signing up for a BBW dating site, then perhaps it’s time to find new friends. Just take a look at the negative people in their life. Who are they hanging out with? Are they trying to go on dates with movie stars and actresses, but have achieved no success? If they don’t get where they’re going wrong and don’t want to take your advice, it may be time to meet new friends. One of the best places to meet new friends or dates is on a BBW dating site.

If you’re one of the many men who love BBW, then your chances have considerably increased that you’re going to find your soul mate. Now that you’ve put your prejudices aside, you’ve opened yourself up to an entirely new world of wonderful people.

Do BBW Date?

Do BBW Date?

If you think only skinny models get asked out on dates, think again. You only have to take a look at your circle of friends to see that everyone has a spouse or partner, even if they aren’t perfect in the eyes of a reality TV show or a fashion magazine. Always remember that even the most skinny models starve themselves for weeks before their photoshoots and that their photographs are still heavily edited. So yes, BBW date!

If you’re ready to get back into dating again, but aren’t sure where to find men who love BBW dates, here a few tips for BBW dating to help you out.

1. Fix what you can. If you’re wanting to try BBW dating but don’t know where to get started, take a look in the mirror. You can’t fix your weight, but you can pamper yourself before a date. Have a nice long bath, shave, and style your hair. Apply a bit of makeup. Don’t forget the deodorant and perfume. You don’t want to scare away the guys looking for a BBW date just because you have body odor.

2. Remove your old rings. If you’re widowed, it may seem disrespectful to remove your engagement or wedding bands. Some divorced women still wear their old rings out of habit. But many people peek at a woman’s hands to see what rings she is wearing. Don’t disqualify yourself by wearing rings on your dates. Your BBW date will also feel more comfortable and can afford that awkward topic until you’re ready to discuss it.

3. Tell your friends. Ask what your friends are doing on the weekend. Find out if there’s an extra spot for you to get out and do stuff. Don’t stress too much if they bring their single friend who may not be into BBW dates. Remember that many women find love in the least expected places.

4. Find BBW sites. Besides the BBW dating website, there are also BBW sites that offer more advice or dating tips. These may be forums that are on a specific site, which may or may not have BBW dating sites attached to them. There can be a greater benefit to finding a site where adults simply chat and offer advice about their dating experiences. There may be real-life scenarios discussed on the BBW sites that can help you to find your own dates, or in dealing with certain situations.

5. BBW dating sites. BBW dating sites are perhaps one of the best ways today to find dates for the upcoming weekend. It can be difficult meeting people during the week when you have to be at work all day long. After work you may simply want to relax on the couch. A dating site is a simple way to find dates on your own time.

If you’re bored with spending your evenings or weekends alone, then you should try BBW dating. Start with a dating site, or a BBW dating site to help you get started.

Do BBW Dating Sites Really Work?

Do BBW Dating Sites Really Work?

If you’re interested in finding BBW singles or BBW admirers on BBW dating sites then you may need some help. Many people spend a lot of time trying to meet people in bars, only to be disappointed. This doesn’t reflect on you at all, it simply means that perhaps a bar or pub isn’t the right dating solution for you.

If you’re uncertain whether to sign up for a free or a paid dating site because you’re not certain if they really work, then here is some advice for you.

1. Find a date. A BBW dating site can help you to find a date more quickly than if you weren’t on BBW dating sites. This is something you can set up on your own time. You can pop into the site on your work breaks or lunch breaks. If you transit to work, you can check the plus size dating sites and send messages to potential singles.

2. Find someone to chat with. Many people are lonely today, even when they’re surrounded by coworkers at work, or they’re out in public. The real problem is finding someone to chat with when you’re bored, or when you have a problem. The workplace isn’t the best place for idle chit-chat, as you can get into trouble with your boss if it isn’t work-related. Finding a friend or two on a BBW dating site can help you find friends.

3. Find a date for a play or the theatre. There are some activities where it’s essential to have a date. If you don’t have a date, then who do you talk to? When you book tickets to a play or a concert, it’s more fun going with someone. Sure, you can go alone, but you’ll be surrounded by attractive BBW singles and their dates. You may feel too shy to interrupt their conversations. It’s not even fun having a glass of wine by yourself at intermission. BBW dating sites can help you find dates so you’re not lonely at these events.

4. Find a partner for games. Do your friends play board games or card games but you’re the odd one out because you don’t have a date? You can search for a suitable date on the BBW dating sites so that you can have fun with your friends.

5. Find a partner. It’s hard to commit when you haven’t met the right person. Men often get a bad rep for failure to commit. The plus size dating sites can help you to meet more women, so you can find the right one to settle down and start a family. It’s estimated that both men and women have to meet hundreds of available singles before they find the right one. It sounds daunting, but your favorite dating site can help you to get there faster.
BBW dating sites do work, but you have to put in some effort to find dates. The more time you spend, the greater your chances of finding those BBW or plus size dates!

How to Find Middle Aged BBW Dates?

How to Find Middle Aged BBW Dates?

Are you middle aged, about 40 to 55 years old? By now your kids are grown up and out of the house. You may be divorced or your spouse may have passed away. You’re settled in your job, and beginning to think, perhaps I should find a special companion so we can spend our middle-aged years together. After all, they only happen once, and soon you’ll be on your way to a comfortable retirement.

Many middle-aged folks worry that they’re too old for dating, but that’s not true. You only have to look at the news to see couples well into their twilight years who marry. If you’re interested in BBW dating, then why not give it a try? Our advice can help you to get started now.

1. Find BBW dates on dating sites. There are many people who find dates of all ages and body sizes on BBW dating sites. If you are a woman who’s put on the weight over the years, but you’re proud and confident of who you are now, you’re going to attract many men who’ll respect you for who you are. And if you’re a man who loves BBW dates, then you’ll find plenty on these BBW dating sites too. These sites put one and one together to make two: a happy couple!

2. Where to get started? First, do a web search to find potential sites. Usually, the best ones are set up with an attractive layout and have a minimum of ads. You should be able to find the information you need easily on the BBW dating site.

3. What do I need to know? If you’re trying BBW dating, then there is certain information you need to find. First of all, you need to find a date that caters to your city and your country. And if you’re interested in BBW dating, then you need to know that a site has that focus. You should also know whether a site is free or not. Some of the best sites for BBW dates are the ones that offer a free membership to start, then paid options. A site that is only free will often have too much advertising on it, making you frustrated as you have to watch endless videos or scroll past ads to find the quality dates that you want.

4. Be honest with age. It can be tempting to knock ten years off your age, but unfortunately, that will catch up with you. Lying about your age is almost as bad as lying about being married. It’s something that a great date won’t forgive you for. The last thing you want is to meet a great person, then have to admit how you lied on your dating profile. They’ll wonder what else you lied about and ditch you pretty fast. A genuine and fun person won’t care what your age really is.

You can find quality middle-aged BBW dates on BBW dating sites. Take some time out of your busy routine and soon you’ll have your next weekend filled up!

Dealing with Compulsive Talkers on BBW Dates

Dealing with Compulsive Talkers on BBW Dates

Are you spending a lot of time on BBW dating sites? Likely you’ve been carefully screening your BBW dates to ensure that they’re fun, attractive, and compatible with your personality. But even if you’ve been spending a lot of time screening down your BBW dates, you may still not get it right. Have you ever been on a BBW date with a compulsive talker who won’t let you speak?

Here are a few ways you can deal with these excessive talkers so that you can have better dates.

1. They might be nervous. When people get nervous and anxious they may do things that add to your negative perception of them. Your BBW dates may simply be nervous. They may be worried you won’t ask about their interests, so they want to be certain that they tell you everything. Try not to be too judgemental with your early BBW dating experiences.

2. Give them cues. When people start looking at their watches or around the room, that’s a cue to the speaker that perhaps someone is getting bored. Don’t be afraid to use some of these polite but nonverbal cues to indicate to your date that they may be talking a bit too much.

3. Excuse me. Remember how you were taught to say “excuse me” when you were a youngster? You can still say “excuse me” as an adult to indicate that you have something to add. Most people may be a bit embarrassed that they’ve droned on and on, and will happily give you a moment to provide your point of view.

4. Use hand gestures. Simply wave your hand and let your date know that you have something to say. This is often enough to stop the talker from endlessly going on and on about their topic. Many people may honestly think that you’re fascinated with the topic. As long as you keep on smiling and nodding at them, and staring them in the eyes, they may think you’re interested and continue on. If you’re truly getting bored of the topic, there’s no need to be excessively polite. Use a polite hand gesture so you can get your voice in.

5. Give them a second chance. Everyone is nervous on a first date, particularly if you’ve met them through a BBW dating site. If they apologize and say they normally aren’t this chatty, it can be worth going on a second date with them. Many people may also be out of practice with this social aspect of their lives. Most people can learn how to discern social cues and have a good conversation with anyone. You may even wish to brush up on your social skills too, as likely you aren’t the only one who is complaining.

Participating in BBW dates will give you plenty of opportunities to brush up on your social skills. Even if you feel you’ve had some bad BBW dating, don’t worry, as there is likely a great date ahead!

How to Earn Her Trust?

How to Earn Her Trust?

If you’re a man who enjoys going on BBW dates, you know that women have specific issues with men. Some women have had horrific experiences, and some women have only positive experiences with men. Either way, it doesn’t matter to you, as long as she is attractive, smart, and funny. But just how does a man earn the trust of their BBW dates? It’s a scary and complex world out there.

Here are a few ways to earn your BBW dates’ trust.

1. Ask before touching. Many people simply don’t like to be touched by strangers, BBW dating included. Before you shake her hand, give her a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, ask if you can do so. Even if these things don’t really matter to her as she’s hoping you’ll just go for it, she’ll appreciate how you are concerned about her first.

2. Who pays first? In today’s modern times, when you meet people on BBW dating site, usually the person who asks for the date is the one who pays. If you think it should be you, make your intentions clear that you’re paying for the meal, tickets, coffee, etc. because she deserves to be treated, and that you’re not expecting anything of it.

3. Develop trust. Many men like to offer a texting number or an email address after making plans for a BBW date. This helps to develop trust with your date so that they know they aren’t be scammed. Don’t be too demanding if she’s not ready to offer up personal contact details just yet. If you’ve had a good chat during your date, and she’s put forward various concerns, offer a solution that makes her feel comfortable. For instance, perhaps she’s having trouble at work. Give her helpful advice but don’t make demands that she act on it. At the end of the date, offer to walk her to her car or the bus stop.

4. Keep your eyes up. Yes, BBW dates know they have voluptuous figures, but you don’t have to say so. Keep your eyes up to their face. If you’re too shy to gaze too long into their eyes, it’s all right to look at their hair or earrings, or down at the table. Women feel uncomfortable when a man stares at their breasts, particularly if they’ve been searching for a lifetime partner on the BBW dating site.

5. Ask for her expectations. You never know what a woman is thinking until you ask. Be certain to read her profile on that BBW dating site first. Find out how she feels about casual dates, marriage, or children. It’s best to be upfront about it. If your values don’t align, no harm was done and you both can move onto the next available BBW dating single.
Yes, women want to meet great men on BBW dating sites, but they want them to be humorous and entertaining too. Try not to be too serious about it, and remember to smile often!

Do Men Really Loves BBWs?

Do Men Really Loves BBWs?

The media can be tough on the larger woman. Even after all these years, female movie stars, singers, and celebrities are expected to look anorexic. While things are changing, the fantasy world doesn’t reflect the real BBW dating scene.

If you’re frustrated with the images you see on TV, here are some positive tips to help encourage you to sign up for a BBW dating site so you can meet real men who’ll love you for who are you.

1. Men love BBW dates. There are few men out there who want to really date a supermodel. It’s not fun hugging a person who’s all skin and bones. Oh, and her hair and makeup might get messed up! A man wants to date a real woman who is both cuddly and strong.

2. Sign up for a dedicated BBW dating site. If you’ve had your share of complainers on the regular dating sites, then sign up for a BBW dating site. The only men on here are ones who are BBW admirers. These sites automatically screen out men who aren’t interested in BBW dates. This will not only save you time but it’ll save you a lot of grief too.

3. Stay positive. You can’t control how others see you, but you can control how you feel about yourself. Spend five minutes looking into the mirror each day. Smile while you do it, and think only positive thoughts about yourself. These thoughts can be repeated throughout the day. And when you go on your BBW dates you can also be thinking them. Men will love how their BBW dates look so smug and confident.

4. Choose different types of men. You do deserve the big handsome man too! Just like the larger female celebrities date handsome men, you can also date them too! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and choose men who are attractive to you. They’re on the dating site because they’re into BBW dating. Don’t be afraid to message men on the BBW dating site who you think are out of your league. They may feel the same about you, so it’ll be good to initiate the first contact.

5. Keep on going. It’s just like hunting for a job or a new apartment. You choose ten or more per day and keep on going until you get some nibbles. And until you meet with your BHM or BBW admirer on a real date, you should keep up with the dating search. You should have your dating goals written on your calendar for each day. It may seem tedious and monotonous at first, but once you get into the regular routine you’ll eventually experience success at finding some wonderful dates.

Yes, men really do love BBWs. Take a look around you the next time you’re out in public. There are people of all different body types who are with partners of all different body types. Turn off the TV and start looking now!

What if I Changed My Mind When BBW Dating?

What if I Changed My Mind When BBW Dating?

When you’re on several plus size dating sites it can become overwhelming. There are so many men and women looking for dates. Surely you can find the perfect companion here? The first step is sorting through the profiles on the BBW dating sites, so you can start messaging the best ones, and even go on dates. But what happens when you’re out on a date and you get to that uncomfortable goodbye? You’ve told that great guy you met while plus size dating that he wasn’t right for you. Now you regret it.

1. Send a message. As soon as you realized you made a fool of yourself on your BBW dating adventure, send him a message. Let him know that you did have a great time. It’s important to try and remedy the situation immediately.

2. Use your emotions. Tell that great guy you met on the BBW dating site that you were extremely nervous on your date. Let him know that you were so overwhelmed with dates this week that you were on auto-pilot. You went on the date and gave your standard response—he’s a great guy but you don’t want to meet again. But instead, you realized that when you returned home, that you did want to meet him again.

3. Apologize. Part of your message needs to include your apology. This is why it’s so important to be positive and polite when turning down men that you’ve met on BBW dating sites, in case you do change your mind. Just imagine what would happen if you’d been rude or made a negative comment. Then there would be no chance that you’d ever see him again!

4. Suggest a second date. After your apology, in your message on the BBW dating site, do mention how you’d love to go on another date. You hope that he has enjoyed BBW dating and that he will agree to meet you again.

5. No response? Move on. There’s a good chance that your apology on one of your favorite BBW dating sites will be read by that guy you rejected earlier. If he says yes, make plans for your second date. Don’t forget to thank him for meeting with you. But if he gives no response, he may already have blocked you on the BBW dating site. He may also say no. In these instances, it’s best to stay proud and confident and continue your search on the BBW dating sites. Perhaps in the future, you’ll give more thought, before rejecting a guy after a date.


BBW dating can be a long and tedious process—only if you make it! Don’t set up so many dates that you can’t handle them all. Take your time, and make the most of your dates, instead of blindly rushing through them. Perhaps you’ll even find the right guy!

How to Get BBW Dates?

How to Get BBW Dates?

Pride in Your BBW Photos Will Get BBW Dates Lining Up

Are you one of those beautiful plus-size women who has been unlucky on the dating scene?

Signing up for a BBW dating site is one thing you can do to turn your luck. If you can’t find a man in the real world, look for him in the virtual world.

It is a fact, however, that joining and getting lucky on a BBW site are two different things. The former takes one step closer to the latter. But without some effort, your profile could be sitting there for months without any form of activity.

Just like in the real world, you need to do something to get noticed.

One way to draw attention is through your pictures. But don’t stop at just a face or headshot. Show them exactly what you are made of – gorgeous curves from head to toe. Doing so will show you’re confident with your body and that is a real turn on.

Men like big size beauties. But those on a BBW dating will love someone with confidence.

How to Show Pride in Your Pictures

Post full-body photos

These go for anyone in the dating scene, including BBWs. Your body is what makes you different and fully qualified to be on a plus size dating site, so why hide it?

Give an overall complete representation of who and what you are with fully body shots in different angles. Don’t forget to highlight your best features and choose a flattering pose from head to toe.

 Let there be light

Put yourself in a guy’s shoes. If he sees a picture of you on a BBW dating site that is dimly lit or a bit blurry, what will he think? It is possible that you are hiding some flaws or some dark secret. Avoid photos that appear deceptive and BBW dates will be lining up on your email or private chat.

 Go for depth and variety

Guys like a woman with depth and variety personality-wise, and showing some emotions in your photos will go a long way in attracting a partner. You can post somewhere you’re making a duckface to show your quirky and fun side but throw in some serious and pensive shots as well.

Opt for a solo flight

Although a photo of you with a group of friends can create a visual illusion called the cheerleader effect, where individual faces appear more attractive, you should go for solo shots of you. This is especially true for your profile pic on a dating site for BBW.

The last thing you want men to see is ten of your other friends with only half of your face visible. You also want to avoid potential dates to mistake you for someone else or for them to think you lack the confidence to strut your stuff.

Showing confidence and pride in your BBW photo will make you interesting and is sure to get you noticed. No need to show a lot of skin either if you follow the tips above. Before you know it, you will be the most liked BBW on a BBW site.

How to Turn from BBW Casual to a Serious Relationship?

How to Turn from BBW Casual to a Serious Relationship?

It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, normal, or BBW singles, everyone has trouble finding that special person that they want to settle down with, marry, or have kids together. Every relationship starts out as casual, as the couple starts to get to know each other. Often it can be difficult to commit before you know if they’re compatible with you or not.

In BBW dating, often there is that moment when you’ve fallen in love, but you’re not certain what to say to the other person. Sure, they seem perfect for you, but how are you going to turn your casual relationship into a serious relationship, without frightening them away?

1. Open communication. Many people drift through a casual relationship without any real communication. You may not even know if your intended even wants to get married or have kids. You’re going to have to open the gates to communication. If you are busy at activities, ask them if you can both sit down for a short chat.

2. Hesitation doesn’t mean no. Everyone has had good or bad relationships in the past that have caused them to step back and wonder if they really want to do it all again. But of course you do—who wants to remain lonely their entire life? You also need to take into account that marriage had a purpose in the past, but there are many other types of commitments today that hold value. If your guy or girl seems hesitant but hasn’t bolted from your big chat, they may need time to think it over. Perhaps they’ll only ever be okay with living together but not marriage. You’ll have to decide whether a modern type of commitment will be fine by you.

3. How do they feel about children? While many couples are flexible about cohabitation versus marriage, wanting children or not can be a deal breaker. If you really want to have children, but your guy or gal doesn’t, you’re likely better off continuing on with your BBW dating site. But if they are interested in having children, you can open up the conversation to more serious topics.

4. Talk about other successful couples. If you’ve been dating for some time, likely you have met some of each others’ friends. You can casually bring up how you find it’s great that your best friend found someone to marry, or how they have adorable kids. Mention how you’d like to be like them one day. Listen to see how your date responds. If he’s favorable with being like them, it’s a great sign that he may truly be interested in you.

5. Don’t wait for the man. No matter what stage you’re at in the relationship, proposing can be awkward and difficult. If all the signs are there—you are both open to marriage and kids, and you love each other—why not propose to him first? It doesn’t always have to be the man who proposes.

It’s best to keep your goals in sight when trying BBW dates. If you’re happy with casual relationships, or you seek something more, be sure to open the lines of communication with your partner. If they want what you want, that’s great, now you’ll have a partner for life!