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Features that you should look for in a BBW dating site

Features that you should look for in a BBW dating site

Online dating has received a lot of attention in the recent past. In fact, most of the people tend to go online in order to date someone they prefer. A variety of dating websites have come up in order to cater the demand. These dating sites can be divided into several categories based on the type or preferences of people that they serve. BBW dating sites are a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. The plus size dating sites have specifically been designed for BBW singles and guys who are looking to date big beautiful women.

A large number of BBW dating sites can be found out there on the Internet and it will not be an easy task to figure out the best. Here is a list of features that should be included in a BBW dating website. If the website you browse doesn’t have these features, you can look for another one without a doubt on mind. That’s mainly because these features have the potential to increase your chances of finding a potential match with less hassle.

First of all, the website you use to date large friends should be equipped with an advanced search engine. In other words, you should have the ability to filter the search results according to your requirements and look for the best match. The search results page should have appropriate sorting facilities as well. Otherwise, you will spend several hours by going through profiles displayed on search engine results.

Some of the BBW dating sites come along with dedicated matching tools. These tools use compatibility as a parameter in order to help you find the perfect match. You just need to learn more information about yourself and give that information to the matching tool. It would take care of the rest and you will be provided with appropriate results. In other words, the matching tool would take necessary measures to find the right personality that matches with yours.

When it comes to dating websites, you need to pay special attention towards the security. This can help you to stay away from dangers, which lurk on the Internet. The BBW dating site you select should have a clear privacy policy. In addition, they should have implemented privacy features such as accessibility control. Unauthorized people should not be able to get hold of personal information you upload to the dating site.

It is important for the BBW date site to have a clear pricing structure as well. A free dating service will not be the best option available, especially if you are looking for genuine profile.  Therefore, you should always look for a BBW dating site that offers premium membership plans. However, the premium membership plans offered by the website should not have any hidden fees. If you pay attention to these features, you will be able to discover the best plus size dating site without much hassle.

The benefits of BBW Dating Site

The benefits of BBW Dating Site

There was a time when people decided to seek the assistance of newspaper advertisements in order to look for a date. However, the methods used by people to look for their partners changed rapidly along with the development of internet. Almost all the people now have access to the internet and they can look for a date without much hassle. Along with the increasing popularity, sites that target specific interests of people have also popped up. BBW dating site can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact.

People who are into plus size dating can think about signing up with a plus size dating site instead of joining a traditional dating website. You will be able to experience a wide range of benefits with it. The BBW dating sites have specifically been designed for the guys who are looking to date big beautiful women. Therefore, they will not come across any other types of girls when browsing through the website. On the other hand, big beautiful women can think of joining these websites because they are the most ideal places available to look for guys who are into BBW.

You will be able to find a good list of websites after going through a BBW dating sites review. Then you can select the best ones out of them after analyzing your specific needs and requirements. The first step associated with joining a BBW dating site is to come up with a username. It would always be better to think of few usernames because somebody else could be already using it. You don’t need to mention your email address because the curvy dating site would be your main point of contact. While creating the profile, you will also be asked to submit a picture. From the recent studies, it has been identified that people who have uploaded a picture have higher chances of finding a date within a short period of time.

Some people believe that women who have signed up with BBW dating sites are hugely over weight. This fact is not true at all and it entirely depends on how people view the world. The BBW have curves and they are cuddly.

Plenty of BBW sites can be found out there on the internet and it will not be an easy task for you to figure out the best one. You should pay special attention towards several important points when looking for a plus size dating website. First of all, you need to have a look at their privacy policy and make sure that all the information you submit are safe. It should have a mechanism to detect and remove bogus profiles. In addition, it is extremely important for the BBW dating site to have a user friendly search engine, where you can look for your date with ease. If you sign up with such a website, you will get the opportunity to date BBW singles without any hassle.

Getting Back in the Dating Game When You’re BBW

Getting Back in the Dating Game When You’re BBW

Many women in their 30s and 40s are returning to dating, as their long-term relationships may have fallen apart over the years. During this time, the BBW—Big Beautiful Woman—may discover that the dating game has changed. It can be a surprise to many, but there is still room for more players.

Here are some ways for you to get back into the BBW dates game again. After all, the more knowledge you learn about today’s dating scene, the better your chances at finding a suitable partner.

1. There are plenty of men ready to meet you. While you’ll have your fair share of messages from men who aren’t serious about meeting up, you’ll be able to find some great ones too. Perhaps you are fine with a casual hook-up, or maybe you are seeking a long-term partner—either way, you’re certain to find suitable men on BBW dating sites.

2. Don’t buy into the stereotypes. Not everyone can be a size zero model, actress, or musician. You also shouldn’t expect that all men want is sex either. These are stereotypes that keep on circulating, and all they do is keep people from leading normal lives. If you’re happy with who you are, so will the men who are ready to date you.

3. BBW dating sites were created just for you. If you’re hesitant to sign up for a regular dating size, a BBW dating site may be what you’ve been waiting for. Since it’s already assumed you’re BBW, you can skip past that awkward part of the “online conversation” and focus on finding great men to text or message with. They already know the women on the site are BBW, and are happy with it.

4. Have a makeover. While you can’t change your weight, you can change your appearance. Getting back to dating means a special day of pampering. Book a day at the spa to get your hair and nails done. Buy some special date night clothing. You can look spectacular!

5. Change your attitude. After a break-up, it’s all negative thoughts, all day long. I’m this, I can’t do that, he won’t like me… You need to stop these thoughts immediately. You can retrain your mind to enforce the positive. If you’re alone in your home, sing little songs to yourself. “I love my eyes, I love my hair, I rock this hairstyle, I’m awesome, I’m smart”, and you’re certain to lift your spirits to think more positively.

6. Learn to compliment people. It may be difficult to begin after many criticisms of your ex, but you can start with small compliments, such as clothing, or a man’s smile or eyes. Even men enjoy compliments on their appearance. And it doesn’t leave them guessing as to whether you like them or not.

It may take a few stops and starts before you get back into BBW dating again, but each little effort will provide some great rewards as you begin to communicate with potential dates.

Photo Tips for Online BBW Dating Site Profiles

Photo Tips for Online BBW Dating Site Profiles

Photographs are a necessary part of online dating sites, whether you’re on a regular dating site, or on a BBW dating site. They’re not something you can leave off your profile, particularly if you want men to respond to messages.

Here are some techniques to create the most successful online BBW dating profile photographs.

1. You are the subject. The photograph should be of you, and not you and your friends, or your pet, or that great vacation you took last year. But don’t post a photograph where you have obviously cropped out other people. Having a photo taken of just you shows that you went to the effort of creating the best profile possible, rather than taking shortcuts. You can also have yourself photographed in recreational activities that you enjoy, such as skiing, hiking, camping, etc, but ensure that you’re the main focus.

2. Post more than one photo. Most dating sites allow you to post more than one profile photo. Women who have more than four photos on their profile are more likely to receive communication from their matches.

3. Best photo sizes. Landscape and 3 by 4 inch portrait photographs will receive the best responses. A BBW site profile isn’t the place to post panorama shots. A landscape shot allows your head, shoulders and upper body to be shown. Just a head shot is less likely to get a response. Don’t be afraid to post a photo of who you really are. And don’t be so small and distant in the photo that men can’t have a good look at you.

4. Consider the quality of images. If your entire image is blurry or out of focus, find a better photograph. You don’t need to dress up or wear makeup in all your photos, but your positioning should be of crisp and clear resolution. The background can still be a bit out of focus for a more artful shot.

5. Show the left side of your face. Studies have been done that say the left side of the face is more pleasant to view than the right side of the face. Apparently this is the side that presents more emotion. But if your best photograph is showing you with the right side of your face toward the camera, simply “flip horizontal” in your photo editing software.

6. Smile! Women are considered more attractive when they are smiling, or displaying happiness. Men find women less attractive when they’re in authoritarian poses that take up more room, with their head raised in the air. However, you may wish to include one of these poses too, if you’re seeking a man who isn’t afraid of a strong woman.

If you’re not receiving a lot of responses on your plus size dating site, have a friend help you to take better photographs, and upload to your profile. Experiment with different types of photographs. A more effort in uploading the best possible photographs is sure to create more interest from matches, and increase your chances for more BBWdates!

Basic BBW Dating Advice and Safety Tips

Basic BBW Dating Advice and Safety Tips

Finding love online is more common today than ever before, but no matter who you are, safety must be top on your priority list. It is almost too easy to become a victim or become exploited when meeting people online. This rings even more true with being a part of the BBW community. Unfortunately, some people may see this as just a fetish, while others are truly looking for someone to have in their life. The responsibility falls on you to make sure you keep yourself safe, and happy.

Here is some advice when online dating for the plus size singles to make the most out of your experience!
The Initial Conversation:

The first time someone reaches out to you on BBW dating site is always exciting. Even more so when you find them attractive. But, stay cool and calm and don’t be too eager, and here is why. Pictures can be taken from anywhere. Make sure you are talking to the person who is actually in the picture. If they are trying to deceive you from the beginning, then you don’t want to waste your time. If they start asking you to send them pictures right away, even though you have a profile full of recent pictures, you may want to tread with caution. Even more so if they are asking for explicit photos. NEVER ever send anyone photos of your body. Another thing to keep in mind is if they are asking you for money or complaining about financial hardships before you’ve ever met in person. This is a telltale sign there are only after one thing, and it’s not a real relationship.

The First Date:

So they have made it past the first round of communication. Great! Then that automatically means they are looking for the same things as you. Wrong. You want to make sure that when you are planning to meet someone in person for the first time, you choose a public place. Also consider meeting them at the selected location even if they suggest picking you up. This is for two reasons, you don’t want them knowing exactly where you live before really knowing them and you will have your own transportation should you need or want to leave the date.

The Invitation:

So now that you’ve met them, and have gone out with them a few times, it is time to have them come over to your place, if for nothing more than to just pick you up on plus size dating site for a date, or maybe to come home with you from a date. It is always better to be too cautious than not cautious enough. Let a friend or family member know that you are intending on having them come into your home so they know who you are with. And also while they are there, keep your cell phone and your keys in an easy to grab location just in case you need to make a speedy exit.

You should never be scared when looking online for love. It is a wonderful place to meet people who are looking for the same things as you. It is just important to always put yourself first and avoid putting you in harms way. At the end of the day we are just looking for love and keeping your guard up, for a little while at least, won’t hurt your chances if your suitor’s intentions are genuine. Good luck and happy BBW dating!

How to Avoid Players When You’re a BBW

How to Avoid Players When You’re a BBW

Dating is difficult when you’ve got selfish men who are after only one thing. While it’s better to meet men in real life, it can be difficult meeting single and available men that will be a good match for you. Yet you don’t have a lot of time screening out men who are players, particularly if you’re a BBW in her 30s who is running out of time for having children.

Here are a few ways to screen out the players so you can find great dates who are really interested in having quality BBW dates too.

1. Create a good profile on your BBW dating site. While you won’t be able to screen out all the players in your BBW dating sites’ profiles, you may at least screen out half the men who bother reading them. For the other half, they likely won’t read the profiles at all and simply string women along. But if you are truly looking for a serious relationship, do remember to mention that in your profile.

2. Be honest when messaging. Most likely your first initial contact with a man on BBW dating sites is going to be through messaging, or text messaging through your smart phone’s app. Be sure to mention that during your BBW dating attempts, you need to know if he’s read your profile. He may never admit it, so feel free to offer a refresher. Mention how you’re seeking a longterm life partner, and that you’re not looking for casual experiences.

3. Gauge his interest in longterm plans. By the time you’ve gone on a few dates you’ll likely feel pressured to have sex with a player. If he’s not a player and is truly interested in you, he’ll be the guy who’s willing to buy theatre tickets for an event two months away. But if your BBW dating site date brushes off your best efforts to make longterm plans, then likely he’s only after your body.

4. Be a player too. You can play that game too. One of the simplest ways to find out if he’s a player on that BBW dating site is to ask him if he wants to have sex with you that very night. If he says yes, then tell him no thank you, and leave. You don’t need to waste your time with men like that.

5. Stick to your morals. While you likely will meet many attractive men on the BBW dating sites that you too want to have sex with, remember your initial purpose in life: to find a partner to share your life together. But if you do make a mistake, remember that some longterm partnerships have come of one-night stands. But if it doesn’t work out for you, simply get back on BBW dating sites to search for what you really want.
It’s a lot of work finding the right person, and it doesn’t help when there can be many players on BBW dating sites. Keep on dating and soon you’ll find true happiness!

BBW Dating Tips: How to Have Fun & Exciting Dates?

BBW Dating Tips: How to Have Fun & Exciting Dates?

Once you’ve met a few people on the BBW dating sites you may be ready to try something different. Do you just want to meet for coffee dates or do you want to try something fun and exciting instead? Best of all, it’s nearly summer, so there are outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy.

Have you met someone cool on your favourite BBW dating site? Here are some great BBW dating ideas for date night or date weekend.

1. Go golfing! There should be at least one local golf course in your area that is open to the public, no expensive membership fees required. And the great thing about golf is that anyone can do it! You don’t need to bring your own clubs as you can rent from the clubhouse. You can even rent a cart to easily transport the golf clubs around the course. So next time you set up your profile on the BBW dating website, add some new interests you’d like to try.

2. Go for a picnic. You may be hesitant to invite a new guy to your home that you just met on a BBW dating site, but you can meet at a local park. You’re still surrounded by the public. You can each make arrangements to bring drinks and food to share.

3. Go for a walk/window shopping. How often do you check out your local area? Often we’re so wrapped up in doing errands or working that we forget to take a bit of time to enjoy where we live. Make a date with that guy you met on the plus size dating site, and have a slow and relaxing walk around town.

4. Book an experience. Many local businesses often have special events where you can try new food or wine, make crafts, or learn new skills. Next time, ask that gal you met on the BBW date site if she’d like to join you in a one-time experience. Offer to pay your share, so one person doesn’t feel obligated to cover all the fees.

5. Volunteer together. Often many charities have special one-day events where people gather together to accomplish a goal. Many cities have a special day where you can help clean up the garbage from the local beach or waterfront, or remove weeds or other invasive plants. Minimal effort is required, but if you get together with friends from the plus size dating sites, a big community effort adds up to one big result.

6. Film discussion. If you’re meeting men on an online BBW dating site, suggest that you have an evening topic for when you meet for patio drinks after work. Everyone enjoys talking about movies, and it takes away some of the burden of a first date. The only rule? That you only talk about movies!

If you haven’t already signed up for a BBW dates site you’ll discover that there are tons to choose. These BBW dating sites can assist you in finding the perfect partner for you!

Question: How BBWs Can Deal with Judgemental Men

Question: How BBWs Can Deal with Judgemental Men

It can be frustrating for a BBW to go out on several dates with a man, only to be told that she’s too fat, or there is no chemistry, or that they don’t like the car or job she has. Men should really have all this stuff figured out in advance, so they don’t disappoint their dates. But is it possible for a plus size woman to at least screen out the bad guys, to reveal the gems ahead?


Here are a few tips to help you get started.


1. Sign up for a BBW dating site. It may seem fairly obvious, but a dating site dedicated to BBW dating will at least screen out many men who are only seeking skinny or anorexic partners. Instead, you’ll find men that are excited to meet the larger type of woman.


2. Ask plenty of questions. When you test out different BBW dating sites, you should be asking your matches plenty of questions, and encouraging them to ask you questions too. While you shouldn’t give out your exact home address or where you work, if they have problems with a woman who works graveyard shifts, or who works goes on a lot of business trips, you should screen out those who prefer someone with a more normal working schedule.


3. Have some snappy replies ready. It can make your angry when you’re out on dates and men tell you that they can’t date fat women. So, why did they agree to go out with you in the first place? This is the time to remind men that you’re not a doll, that you have real feelings. Tell them that they must think up nicer ways of saying that they think you’ll not be a good match together. Then wish them luck and move on. BBW dating should not be bringing people down, but building them up, even if they’re not right for you.


4. Be honest in your BBW date site profile. Obviously if you’re a woman on a BBW dating website, you’re going to be a BBW. Ensure that your profile is accurate. If there is information you don’t want to give, then leave it out. For example, you may with to simply say you’re a BBW, rather than your actual weight or height. Or, you may want to give the area of your big city that you live in, rather than narrowing it down by block.


5. Play up assets. If you’re fun to be around, make note of that in your BBW dating site profile. If you have beautiful eyes, or nails, or dress well, let that be known too.


Remember that you won’t be able to screen out all the judgemental men, but you can do your best. Signing up on a BBW date site can be a learning process, for you and your potential dates. And if a man is truly apologetic about saying something stupid to you, you may wish to give him a second chance.

Date Dress Ideas for Plus Size Women

Date Dress Ideas for Plus Size Women

Every woman is pretty, and every woman has the right to look stunning on her special occasions such as a promising date. If you are a plus size woman, you need to choose a dress that flatters your body.  There are quite a many dress choices that will do justice to your petite curves on your special night, the first date.  Whether you found your someone special on some BBW dating sites or it is someone you met and knew, but now you are planning a date with him, you’ve got to look your best to make it special and memorable for both of you.


You are a big beautiful woman blessed with classy curves, and any dress you choose should do justice to them.  Before we provide you with some tips and options, you need to make sure of one thing;the dress should flow with your body, and accentuate the pride you have for yourself and your big beautiful body. Don’t forget to take care of the following things before you pick your dress in BBW dating!

  • Don’t go for online shopping; you wouldn’t be able to try the dress, which is very important.
  • Pick the colors according to trends and the ones that suit your skin color
  • Don’t forget to wear the right undergarments and shapewear.

The Three Styles To Choose For A Plus Size

Keeping in mind the trends and the importance of your occasion, here are a few styles of dresses we chose for the big and beautiful women.



Frocks not only look cute, but they also add innocence to your look.

You can choose to wear one made from a silky fabric that provides the most appropriate fitting.

Netted frocks with high heels are just something that says: Oh! Look at me! I am bold and beautiful!

Long frocks make you look taller and elegant. Choosing one with appropriate cuts, which expose your assets like pretty legs and attractive cleavage. It’s the way to go.



These dresses look lovely for evening and night and guarantee decency in looks.


A – line dress with exposed shoulders look adorable and sexy indeed.

You can gives off a stunning yet casual look on your date with bohemian patterns and short dresses that kiss your curves.


Did you know that you can look totally flawless with any white dress? You won’t need to say a thing because of white dress talks of purity and love.



If you totally want to dazzle you ‘date’ with your big beautiful curves, opt for a nicely fitted dress, which unveils all the beauty of your body.

Black is the queen of colors for any night time date.


You might have been upset about finding the right dress for your special occasion, but we are determined to get you out of that trouble.  For any big woman with voracious curves, it’s not about the dress you choose but the body image you have about your physique.  The pride that you have in your skin will radiate through the dress you choose for your date night.  After talking so much about BBW date dress, you should ask the men you meet on BBW dating site out first.

Get Familiar with Awesome Tips for Lovely Online BBW Dating Photographs

Get Familiar with Awesome Tips for Lovely Online BBW Dating Photographs

Big and wonderful ladies dependably have somewhat a bigger number of issues while dating on the web than another kind of individuals. Is it as a result of their weight or in light of the fact that they are very timid or have low self-esteem? It’s all of that. Sources say that the plus size women are always looked up to as if they are scrutinised. Just because of the body shape people judge them and conclude everything that prompts unsuccessful love stories.But really, the body isn’t everything. If you’re one of them then you’re about to discover few tips for posting gorgeous pictures on your online BBW dating profile.

  1. Choose your backdrop wisely

Isn’t it better to upload a photo in regular outside world than having a selfie in the lavatory? Indeed, even a normal quality camera can take marvellous shots outside on the porch or grassy lawn. Take advantage of that. Being under the sky in sunlight will help you to oversee body shape and how it appears in the captured picture. With a few shadow deceives, you can get a chance to look slimmer in the photograph and get a date soon.

  1. Always dress in your best picks


You don’t have to wear just name garments to resemble a million dollars costly ones, however having something pleasant and exquisite would be a nicer option. The best is to pick something you are comfy and delightful with. Your dressing is what speaks for your personality on the photograph, so pick admirably. For a superior look, attempt to wear something dark, since this shading makes body looks somewhat slimmer than in all actuality.

  1. Try not to cover your face


Say no to ninja looks and sunglasses too. A half covered face indicates you are hiding something or you’re shroud of something. Let the others on BBW dating site look through your eyes. Eyes act as a wide open window to the spirit and they express your inner beauty more than you can even envision.


  1. Don’t be seated while posing and don’t crop your picture


Sitting on a porch or a nice looking chair isn’t going to help you with your poses. Sitting stance is most exceedingly awful position ever, which may uncover your bends and additional kilogrammes immediately. With a specific end goal to have an incredible shot for a BBW date profile, the standing pose does the job perfectly. This will make you look more slender and confident about you. Trimming pictures imply that you either have something to cover up or you would prefer not to uncover your full body, so there’s an objection to that too.


You can always find an expert picture taker who would know what sort of picture of you will be the best one to put up on a BBW dating site. Remember, while pieces of clothing tips can help you you’re your dressing, your poses and the background will also help you set up a hot picture at BBW dating sites.