The Trickiest Dating Question: Who Pays?

The Trickiest Dating Question: Who Pays?

It’s not certain how long people have been debating the big question of who pays for a date, but one thing is certain, it’s still a question that can perplex most BBW singles. No two people can ever agree on an answer, and it’s a question that certainly isn’t going to ever be resolved.


There are two sides to this argument, with differing advice. It can be especially tricky when you’re meeting people through a BBW date site, as there may not be a lot of opportunities to lay down rules in advance. Let’s run through some of the most common answers to help you with the decision, after you’ve found some men to date on that BBW dating site.


The Guy Always Pays


In Victorian times it was the general belief that a man would always look after a woman, and this has become the tradition throughout the years. Often this was because men held the paying jobs, while women would look after the house and family.


There was also a certain respect that occurred in the past, with the man not expecting anything from the date, as sex didn’t occur until after marriage. Traditionally the guy who paid was considered chivalrous, but today that may not be the case. There are many women who refuse to date men who insist on paying. A woman can now look after herself, so, what is the man expecting in return? Or, are there control issues at play?

Some men won’t mind, after all, it eases the financial burden on them. But other men may treat it as a personal insult if they aren’t allowed to pay when BBW dating.


Some people think that the man should pay on the first date, but then this sets the tone for the future dates too.


Who Did the Asking?


Many BBW singles today believe that it’s the person who did the asking who will also do the paying. This means that if the man asked you out on a dinner date, that he will pay for it, but if you ask him out for lunch the next day, that he should pay for it.


Going Dutch


There are many BBW singles and their dates who feel that the best way of dating is to go dutch. This means that each person pays for their share of the bill, and that one person isn’t constantly pressured into paying the bill.


This may also be the wise and fair thing to do if you’re meeting people on a BBW dating site, particularly if there is no commitment in the relationship yet. Many independent BBW single women feel this is the best way to assert their financial independence.



There can be many difficult but valid arguments as to who pays when you meet someone on a BBW date site, but most people agree that it’s not fair that one person pays all the time. Your should feel free to chip in for drinks, tips, or parking if your date always pays.


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