Question: How BBWs Can Deal with Judgemental Men

Question: How BBWs Can Deal with Judgemental Men

It can be frustrating for a BBW to go out on several dates with a man, only to be told that she’s too fat, or there is no chemistry, or that they don’t like the car or job she has. Men should really have all this stuff figured out in advance, so they don’t disappoint their dates. But is it possible for a plus size woman to at least screen out the bad guys, to reveal the gems ahead?


Here are a few tips to help you get started.


1. Sign up for a BBW dating site. It may seem fairly obvious, but a dating site dedicated to BBW dating will at least screen out many men who are only seeking skinny or anorexic partners. Instead, you’ll find men that are excited to meet the larger type of woman.


2. Ask plenty of questions. When you test out different BBW dating sites, you should be asking your matches plenty of questions, and encouraging them to ask you questions too. While you shouldn’t give out your exact home address or where you work, if they have problems with a woman who works graveyard shifts, or who works goes on a lot of business trips, you should screen out those who prefer someone with a more normal working schedule.


3. Have some snappy replies ready. It can make your angry when you’re out on dates and men tell you that they can’t date fat women. So, why did they agree to go out with you in the first place? This is the time to remind men that you’re not a doll, that you have real feelings. Tell them that they must think up nicer ways of saying that they think you’ll not be a good match together. Then wish them luck and move on. BBW dating should not be bringing people down, but building them up, even if they’re not right for you.


4. Be honest in your BBW date site profile. Obviously if you’re a woman on a BBW dating website, you’re going to be a BBW. Ensure that your profile is accurate. If there is information you don’t want to give, then leave it out. For example, you may with to simply say you’re a BBW, rather than your actual weight or height. Or, you may want to give the area of your big city that you live in, rather than narrowing it down by block.


5. Play up assets. If you’re fun to be around, make note of that in your BBW dating site profile. If you have beautiful eyes, or nails, or dress well, let that be known too.


Remember that you won’t be able to screen out all the judgemental men, but you can do your best. Signing up on a BBW date site can be a learning process, for you and your potential dates. And if a man is truly apologetic about saying something stupid to you, you may wish to give him a second chance.

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