How to Earn Her Trust?

How to Earn Her Trust?

If you’re a man who enjoys going on BBW dates, you know that women have specific issues with men. Some women have had horrific experiences, and some women have only positive experiences with men. Either way, it doesn’t matter to you, as long as she is attractive, smart, and funny. But just how does a man earn the trust of their BBW dates? It’s a scary and complex world out there.

Here are a few ways to earn your BBW dates’ trust.

1. Ask before touching. Many people simply don’t like to be touched by strangers, BBW dating included. Before you shake her hand, give her a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, ask if you can do so. Even if these things don’t really matter to her as she’s hoping you’ll just go for it, she’ll appreciate how you are concerned about her first.

2. Who pays first? In today’s modern times, when you meet people on BBW dating site, usually the person who asks for the date is the one who pays. If you think it should be you, make your intentions clear that you’re paying for the meal, tickets, coffee, etc. because she deserves to be treated, and that you’re not expecting anything of it.

3. Develop trust. Many men like to offer a texting number or an email address after making plans for a BBW date. This helps to develop trust with your date so that they know they aren’t be scammed. Don’t be too demanding if she’s not ready to offer up personal contact details just yet. If you’ve had a good chat during your date, and she’s put forward various concerns, offer a solution that makes her feel comfortable. For instance, perhaps she’s having trouble at work. Give her helpful advice but don’t make demands that she act on it. At the end of the date, offer to walk her to her car or the bus stop.

4. Keep your eyes up. Yes, BBW dates know they have voluptuous figures, but you don’t have to say so. Keep your eyes up to their face. If you’re too shy to gaze too long into their eyes, it’s all right to look at their hair or earrings, or down at the table. Women feel uncomfortable when a man stares at their breasts, particularly if they’ve been searching for a lifetime partner on the BBW dating site.

5. Ask for her expectations. You never know what a woman is thinking until you ask. Be certain to read her profile on that BBW dating site first. Find out how she feels about casual dates, marriage, or children. It’s best to be upfront about it. If your values don’t align, no harm was done and you both can move onto the next available BBW dating single.
Yes, women want to meet great men on BBW dating sites, but they want them to be humorous and entertaining too. Try not to be too serious about it, and remember to smile often!

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