5 Key Tips That Can Help You Overcome Your First Date Jitters

5 Key Tips That Can Help You Overcome Your First Date Jitters

Everybody, when they’re about to go on a first date, has the jitters. It’s a normal reaction, even if you’ve been talking to someone for quite some time through a BBW dating site. You have no idea what you might say or do that could offend your BBW date.


The first thing you need to do is forgo all that negative talking you’re doing in your head – the one that says you’re going to fail to impress your BBW date. After that, you need to consider the following tips that will help you overcome those first BBW meeting butterflies in your stomach.


Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time


Creating a plan that includes things to talk about or questions you’d like to ask should be done. You don’t want to come across as rehearsed but you don’t want to come across a blathering fool either. You need to be original in your asking of questions or talking about things you like. You also want your date to feel like they have a say in the conversation.


Meet Publicly


When you meet someone from a website including a BBW site, you should always meet at a public place – coffee shop, bookstore, the mall, etc. Don’t agree to meet at a bar – alcohol and first dates do not go together. The idea is to find out if you’re compatible and see if a second date is a possibility. You can’t do that if you’ve been drinking.


Offer Compliments


Compliments don’t have to be about your date’s look, although it would be a good idea to give them a compliment about their looks. If you love their eyes, tell them. If you think they’re dressed spiffy, let them know what you think. When they’re talking about things they’ve accomplished, praise them for it.


Compliments can put your date at ease and give them a little boost in their confidence.


Talk To Your Date


If you’re on a date with someone, the last thing you need to be doing is sitting there wishing you were somewhere else. You need to talk with them about various topics, making sure to avoid the highly-charged ones like religion and politics. If you have common interests, talk about those. You can even talk about movies you’ve watched or would like to see, your job or even the weather. There are a plethora of topics you can talk about during your BBW meeting.


Project Your Own Self-Confidence


Your date will be just as nervous as you are. Remember, everything experiences first date jitters. However, if you come across as confident, you’re both going to have a good time. Make sure you’re smiling and laughing – show them that you’re having a good time and are often contagious. If you must, come up with a few jokes to break the ice.


The important thing is to relax and be who you are. You don’t get a second chance for a first impression, so make sure you give them your best. You also want to make sure that your BBW dating is having a good time too. Put your best foot forward and let things happen naturally in the date.

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